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Lessons Learned From One Month of Email Courses (+ The End of Content Dumping)

Reflection time! Here's how NOT to create email courses.
Ramses Oudt 2 min read
Lessons Learned From One Month of Email Courses (+ The End of Content Dumping)

Hey friend,

We started our journey in December with 4,667 people. Today, 3,019 received this email.

My mistake? Forgetting to ask to opt in.

I discovered an important thing. Most online learners love week-long email courses. But nobody likes it when the course never ends; there's just too much content to get through.

I realized that it takes just one lousy email for you to unsubscribe forever. There’s no way to check out for the week. With my current setup, it’s all or nothing.

Time to change things.

No more content dumping

And that means no more daily emails.

I lost count of how people apologized for unsubscribing. They love the content but can’t keep up with the lessons. And what’s the use of producing content when it goes to waste? I don’t believe in repeating the same thing and expecting a different outcome.

So, less content and more quality.

The weekly newsletter will stay, but I’m reducing the amount of email courses I’ll produce this year. To how many? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking of one per month (so I can finish the roadmap I set out initially).

And instead of producing these courses for the sake of producing courses, they’ll help to promote a project I’m starting next week:

The playbook for email courses

My goal this year remains unchanged; I want to figure out how to create life-changing email courses.

But I don’t need to produce a course a week to figure that out. All I need to do is draw the map that helps plan, write, and promote our knowledge.

That’s why I’m starting work on a written playbook. It will be an actual book (maybe physical someday), along with worksheets and videos where appropriate. And I’ll create it entirely in public.

I’m open to all feedback. This is what I have in mind:

Release the playbook one chapter at a time. Every launch gets its own short email course, and I host a live Q&A session for all readers.

It’ll be a paid playbook to ensure we all have skin in the game. Early birds can snag it for less than $20, but I plan to charge $150 for the entire finished package at the end of this year.

More about these plans next week.

Please stay for the weekly lessons

The Weekly Course newsletter will remain free. In it, I’ll share my lessons from writing and promoting email courses and digital products. Think of it as learning in public but delivered in one neat package each week.

If you’ve seen enough from this experiment, hit unsubscribe at the bottom of this email. But I hope you’ll stick around and share your thoughts along the way.

Write soon!


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