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Hey, I'm Ramses 👋

Hey, I'm Ramses 👋

Learner. Educator. Maverick.

From teaching to marketing to community management, I've been able to pivot because of one constant: an obsession with learning.

This is my digital campfire—a place on the web where I share my journey and strategies for learning and teaching through storytelling.

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Workshop: How to Choose Your Next Skill

Workshop: How to Choose Your Next Skill

In this 60-minute workshop, I took a group of learners through a simple but effective framework to define their vision, spot their roles and responsibilities, and find what skill to learn next to accelerate towards their vision.
Ramses Oudt 2 min read

Ramses' Blog

Learn the art of online learning and teaching with storytelling. Transform your course creation journey through insightful coaching and user-focused design.

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