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My name is Ramses. I’m an educator turned professional learner. Yes, I nerd-out over things for a living, something that has given my life more purpose than I could have ever dreamed of.

By knowing how to learn fast and build on top of my knowledge long-term, I’ve been able to pivot twice in my 8-year career. From teacher to enterprise account manager to technical specialist; every pivot was possible because I know how to teach myself.

You’re now at my blog, my digital campfire. Here I share stories, distill ideas, and sharpen my thinking. My goal in life is to get to know myself and others, and find meaning through work that benefits many.

Please, join me in my journey.

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Latest posts

Philosophy as a way of life

Introduction: What is philosophy as a way of life? It’s possible to avoid anxiety, frustration, fear, anger, or simple discontent. How? By changing how you think and look at the world. Philosophy literally means “love for wisdom.” But, looking around in academia where we can find most modern philosopher, we don’t see a lot of wisdom. I’m therefore not talking about academic philosophy, but about practical philosophy. Why I need a philosophy for life Messed up ethics growing up I’ve always been an emotional person, freaking out when things didn’t go my way.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 5: Organizing for output

Become known as an expert by sharing what you learn. Organize your note-taking system so you can create useful content effortlessly.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 4: Organizing input

Organizing your second brain is essential if you want your future self to benefit. See how I enter, structure, and link ideas for quick retrieval.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 3: Videos and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are not the best learning materials. But, as courses increasingly use them, here’s a system to benefit most.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 2: Highlights and reading notes

Everyone reads, but few people learn. If you don’t have a system to highlight and take notes on interesting ideas, you’re missing out.