What I'm learning and building in 2021

Join me in my quest to become a professional learner. In 2021, I’ll focus my learning projects on writing, sketchnoting, and web development. To hone these skills, I’ll rely on three pillars: mindset, strategy, and execution.

Become a learning worker by creating intermediate packets

In a distracted work environment, it’s more important than ever to reduce the scope of our work. By creating intermediate packets, we can provide value to others more often, while getting better feedback.

Forget the knowledge worker; become a learning worker

In a world where change accelerates, knowing things is no longer sufficient. To thrive in chaotic times, it’s necessary to make sense of the situation and adapt quickly. In other words: we need to go from knowing to learning, and knowledge workers need to become learning workers.

Why You Need a Philosophy for Life

Everybody needs a philosophy for life as nobody is handed a manual to live well. Philosophy helps us achieve a smoothly flowing life.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 5: Organizing for output

Become known as an expert by sharing what you learn. Organize your note-taking system so you can create useful content effortlessly.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 4: Organizing input

Organizing your second brain is essential if you want your future self to benefit. See how I enter, structure, and link ideas for quick retrieval.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 3: Videos and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are not the best learning materials. But, as courses increasingly use them, here’s a system to benefit most.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 2: Highlights and reading notes

Everyone reads, but few people learn. If you don’t have a system to highlight and take notes on interesting ideas, you’re missing out.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 1: A map for the journey

Know your problems, tools, and resources before you start learning. In the digital age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s a learner’s map for picking tools and resources.

Why I take notes of everything I learn

Stop coming up with bullshit excuses for why you’re not learning new things. The problem is not your teachers; the problem is your system. Fix it.

Keep learning, together

Never stop learning as an adult. Learning is fun and useful. Learning how to learn is a superpower. Let’s learn that superpower, together.