Forget the knowledge worker; become a learning worker

In a world where change accelerates, knowing things is no longer sufficient. To thrive in chaotic times, it’s necessary to make sense of the situation and adapt quickly. In other words: we need to go from knowing to learning, and knowledge workers need to become learning workers.

Why we need a life philosophy

Everybody needs a philosophy for life as nobody is handed a manual to live well. Philosophy helps us achieve a smoothly flowing life.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 5: Organizing for output

Become known as an expert by sharing what you learn. Organize your note-taking system so you can create useful content effortlessly.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 4: Organizing input

Organizing your second brain is essential if you want your future self to benefit. See how I enter, structure, and link ideas for quick retrieval.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 3: Videos and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are not the best learning materials. But, as courses increasingly use them, here’s a system to benefit most.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 2: Highlights and reading notes

Everyone reads, but few people learn. If you don’t have a system to highlight and take notes on interesting ideas, you’re missing out.

How I take smart digital notes—Part 1: A map for the journey

Know your problems, tools, and resources before you start learning. In the digital age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here’s a learner’s map for picking tools and resources.

Why I take notes of everything I learn

Stop coming up with bullshit excuses for why you’re not learning new things. The problem is not your teachers; the problem is your system. Fix it.

Keep learning, together

Never stop learning as an adult. Learning is fun and useful. Learning how to learn is a superpower. Let’s learn that superpower, together.