Hi, I’m Ramses Oudt.

Welcome to my online home. I write, teach, and build systems with digital tools. I’m a professional learner, passionate about sharing my insights and learning more together.

Each month, I publish several blog posts and send out a bi-weekly newsletter named Sunday School. In my posts and newsletter, I share interesting ideas and my thoughts on them. The stuff I share is mostly in the realm of thinking better, being in control of emotions, and using digital tools to build effective systems.

Rethinking learning

Few people know how to learn effectively. Starting in college, most people have the wrong methods and motivations to acquire new skills. Many prefer to rely on intuition to choose their learning system instead of relying on proven ways.

I almost dropped out of college because I couldn’t find an effective way to study and retain knowledge. Finding ways to learn better became necessary for survival, but it turned into a healthy obsession. When I left college, my view on learning had changed entirely and gave me a perspective of possibility.

In 2012 I left college with a degree in education. Teaching jobs were sparse and paid little, so I immediately ended up in an existential crisis. I had always pictured myself as a teacher, but this career seemed impossible now.

It was impossible, and I ended up in IT sales. Scratch that, I ended up in a call center, trying to get appointments for my account manager colleagues who were allowed to see people face-to-face. I survived behind the phone for nearly two years, during which I learned everything I needed about sales and enterprise IT.

Late 2014 I started to work for a large IT vendor and had to reboot my learning. This time I was playing with the big boys, trying to sell for €3 million worth of software licenses each year. I did exceptionally well because I was deeply familiar with our products and work processes, but something was missing.

After some years, I pivoted again and became a technical consultant in 2018. During my time in sales, I had enough opportunities to take courses and learn the solutions on a deeper level. My learning system allowed me to understand many topics quickly and to recycle mental models for entirely different subjects.

Regardless of the job I’ve had, there’s one underlying principle: love for learning. I simply love to learn. Learning for the sake of learning? I’m your guy.

Let’s learn together

I’ve realized that learning is an essential part of making it in the Information Age. The world is changing rapidly, and without new skills, you will not be able to adapt.

Join me in becoming a better learner. Together, we know more and can drive each other to new heights.